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, established in 2018 and bringing together the leading regional radio stations in Bulgaria. At the beginning of 2017, BORT is supported by more than 10 regional media. Our aim is to provide the small media in Bulgaria technically, programmatically and through legal advice. Through BORT you have access to the experience and professionalism of more than 10 media outlets, anyone on the air more than 25 years

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    BBORT, and its member Digital Audio Bulgaria EOOD, have finally won another lawsuit against the Communications Regulation Commission, in part of its unjustified refusal to issue a permanent digital radio license on the territory of Bulgaria to Digital Audio Bulgaria EOOD. As well as the revocation of the temporary license of another member of our company ET TRADING

    BORT -Admin 16.01.2020

    BORT, DIP Trading and BOIKOS EOOD won their cases against CRC and SEM in YOU. In this case, the need for DAB + (DIGITAL RADIO IN BULGARIA) has been proven to be an indisputable way. Both cases were initiated after several refusals by CEM to open a procedure for issuing a license for DIGITAL RADIO on the territory of Bulgaria to "Boycos" Ltd. The case against CRC was on the grounds of improperly revoked license of ET "Dip Trading".

    BORT -Admin 15.10.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT and sole trader DIP Trading met with CRC representatives in Sofia to discuss the ways, methods and need for DAB + / DIGITAL RADIO IN BULGARIA /. The meeting went into strict specifics on the case. Taking on board, BORT was tasked with drawing up a concept for the implementation of the set tasks when imposing digital radio in our country. Economically, technically, socially and not least the innovative perspectives and advantages of the technology and the future of digital radio in our country.

    BORT -Admin 04.06.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT and sole trader DIP Trading - Pavel Kostadinov started digital broadcasting of radio in Sofia via the DAB + method / 01 May 2018 / The transmitter is located on Vitosha, above Simeonovo quarter and has coverage of the entire Sofia field. There are 16 test channels in the multiplex, broadcasting a "DAB + radio test" audio message.

    BORT -Admin 03.05.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT invited a meeting with representatives of the MINISTRY of CULTURE from the meeting it will be clear whether the MC is implementing the state policy for digitalization of radio broadcasting in Bulgaria. Expect more information from the upcoming BORT and Ministry of Culture meeting.

    BORT -Admin 03.05.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT realized, meeting with representatives of MTITS / Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications / from the meeting it became clear that MTITS is implementing the state policy for digitalization of radio broadcasting in our country. The problems are entirely within the AEM and the legal framework of the case. Expect a formal opinion from BORT and MTITS.

    BORT -Admin 18.04.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT is working hard to initiate a meeting between representatives of the Association, AEM, CRC and MTITS to raise the issue of digitalization of radio stations in Bulgaria. Trends and experience of already implemented DAB + broadcasting, countries.

    BORT -Admin 02.04.2018
  • NEWS

    In connection with the legal obstacles, shortcomings and gaps in the LTA and related provisions, we at BORT, with the help of qualified lawyers, are preparing legal amendments. They need to improve the work of AEM and others. regulatory bodies in our industry. Last but not least, they will be redirecting new opportunities for small media in Bulgaria.

    BORT -Admin 30.03.2018
  • NEWS

    BORT expresses its position on proposals for mandatory quotas for BULGARIAN music on radio air. The Association made the decision to express its position to the extent that it would affect our members. In particular, the audience they serve.

    BORT -Admin 12.03.2018

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  • Word DAB NEWS

    Azerbaijan launches DAB + broadcasts: Azerbaijan successfully launches DAB + test in Baku. A total of 12 DAB + stations are available to listeners in the capital and other parts of the Absheron Peninsula, covering approximately 3 million people. This was noted by WORD DAB in its press release.

    BORT-Admin 03.10.2019

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The board is technically literate, experienced in broadcasting. All of them are ready to help any member of the association, regardless of the nature of the problem.

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BORT members have extensive experience in creating radio programs in Bulgaria. Your ideas can be further developed by us. You have access to, shows, headings, news, etc. Always at your disposal.

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Legal assistance

Thanks to the BORT Association, you can benefit from the services of leading lawyers in the area of the Law on Copyright and Copyright. Advice and assistance in case of legal cases.

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Radio advertising is a subliminal impact strategy. Radio is a FREE media. With the right messages, it can be incredibly effective. We at BORT will help you with marketing strategies